Walter's Carpet Dry Cleaning in Putney SW15

    Kneeling Man is CleaningWalter's dry cleaning services in Putney represents an advanced service, taking advantage of some of the finest state-of-the-art cleaning technologies in this bussines.Not only that, but you'll find it's delivered by some of the industry's leading professionals - all of whom boast a thorough training and extensive experience.

    Our specialty is to provide a delicate clean for any house hold item made from organic or other natural textile, including sisal, sea grass and jute. Rather than cleaning with water, Walter's cleaning staff utilises highly absorbent wooden chips - which can suck out the dirt from the carpet's fibres, and leave them fresh smelling, clean and in mint condition.

    A Man is Washing a CarpetWe also take seriously and with great importance in delivering only the highest standards of customer service. You must not take our word for it, though - just take a look at our page of reviews for yourself, and you'll be able to see exactly what some of our former clients have been thinking about Walter's Carpet Cleaning Services!

    You can give Walter's Carpet Cleaning Services a call now, or at any given time - on 020 3404 5642. The lines are open 24/7, and your call will be promptly answered by one of our team of helpful call-center staff. Easily you can book a team of cleaners for dry cleaning method in Putney just over the phone. Alternatively you can request your own personalised quote, get a free quote right this minute, when you complete our simple online form!

    We Can Clean Any Floor Type

    Walter's cleaning team located in Putney, who operate in SW15 area, can deliver you the finest quality of services:

    Get the best cleaning workers deals in the area of Putney by calling us on 020 3404 5642!

    Why Walter's Carpet Cleaning Services Are One of The Best?

    Often people refer dry and steam cleaning as deep cleaning. What is curious here is, the dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods are totally different approaches to achieve cleaning results. The steam cleaning service speaks for itself, it is where the professional rug cleaners are using lightweight or heavy professional cleaning machines to clean rugs with steam, it depends on the scale of how dirty a carpet is.

    Steam cleaners can perform cleaning with and without any cleaning solutions, and the dry cleaning is not using steam at all. But it requires that the cleaners to take your rugs or carpet to place it in the machine and return it on the next day. Both methods are usable equally, but the dry cleaning method is used when the steam and most harsh chemical can not help when removing a though stain.